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It shows connected after being connected manually. You need to go to Program Files, vodafone software for your dongle, open the file app. Why is there speed difference between mobile sim and data card. Then you must upgrade your dongle firmware.

These connection are best for gaming, browsing because it has low pings Dongle are wireless connection which you can take anywhere with your laptop. Set some settings by creating your new Access Point! Email Required, but never shown.

Bharat i am using tata cdma mobile connection. It provides us the best and useful tata photon tariff plans that we can easily do from anywhere and any time. And now in India, Bangalore I have put a Tata Docomo sim in the data card and tried to connect with it. After connecting, Tower of Edge Tata Docomo is seen well. Tata docomo rs plan for dongle, chill english movies unable to connect.

Please tell me how to install the device software or connect to internet without installing the software. Please give the solution as soon as possible. Only this moment doesnot find any network. Can you plz tell me the unlocking code of this modem. What will be your charges and how will u be able to do it remotely.

UNLOCK How to unlock TATA Docomo Huawei 3G dongle

Please provide a solution. Now Please guide me what to do? Im using micromax usb for internet connection. About me Hey Friends Welcome to trickolla. Then follow only steps explained in here to connect to internet.

And can anyone tell me when is india's semifinal match? But with the modem i can make calls and receive calls. Now after installed all packages you are ready to install.

Other sims are working in it. Your answer seems effective. You can read more about me on about page. Its not even opening for google search.

Download Photon Manuals & Dialers

Download Photon Manuals & Dialers

Hey there Dude I appreciate for these great information. Please I am in need urgently! Hi Sourabh, were you able to unlock your device?

Best Regards, Santhosh Kumar. This worked for my reliance dongle software so hoping should work in ur case as well.

Kindly help me in unlocking my dongle modem. Is there any problem in the dongle itself? But, I don't want purchase another dongle.

First you need to connect to internet some how beause some packages need to be installed. In simple words broadband is an high speed connection which uses coax, optical fiber, twisted pair or wireless rare to connect your pc with internet.

So you can't use other sim. Tweet Share Share Share Share. How can i delete this home page can t access internet at all now! Can this be used to unlock Lava G G dongle as well? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

User Manuals and Download Dialers

Hi, After unlocking the dongle, can I continue using the same sim card for some more time? But i could not connect to internet.

UNLOCK How to unlock TATA Docomo Huawei 3G dongle3G Internet Dongle Plans & Packs in India - Tata DocomoAnother way to unlock your 3g data card / dongle for Free

We will give you the unlocking code and if you want complete tutorial we will write that too for you. Did you unlocked it or not? Guys, i will surely reply your quires don't worry.

It does not have a software and i Don't know how to unlock it. With rgds, -rajesh kulkarni. Would you give me some opinion in order to unlock this device? Actually sim card is on board and there is no slot on the modem. Then i downloaded ppp widget and configure their settings.

Which software i should download for it. When I connect the device, its detected but I don't know how to install the software packed within it or connect to internet.

Now you are connected to internet. Previous Post Next Post Home. You will see the unlock option and you will be able to enter the unlock code. If most people are asking to unlock the same dongle.

This phone also has a hotspot option which helps me a lot. Also try connecting with modem in other usb port. Despite that, I used sudo sh install. Ok I apologized for that now I have mentioned it.

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Will you buy another operator dongle? Dear Sharmaji, Please kindly answer my queries. Guys we write only to help you guys.