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Saravanan and King Vettaiyan. After many years, Rajni has shown that he does not confine to his personality cage through this film. Chandramukhi motion picture.

Chandramukhi's spirit continued to remain in the palace so as to take revenge on the king. Akhilandeswary hears his idea, realising that she was wrong to try to destroy Saravanan and begs him for forgiveness.

Later, in the dance hall, the family and Ramachandra Acharya allow Chandramukhi to burn Saravanan alive. Priya is in love with Vishwanathan, a dance professor who reciprocates her feelings. Attempts to kill Senthil are made with poison and by pushing a fish tank. His legion of fans can not ask for more.


Daily News and Analysis, India Edition. Vasu and produced by Ramkumar Ganesan. Then Saravan says that he will act as the king and let Chandramukhi kill him and get out of Ganga's body, with the help of world-renown exorcist Ramachandra Acharya.

However, she would not return his love because her heart was already set on the dancer Gunasekaran. He said his comedy track with Vadivelu went a long way in making the film a successful venture and that it helped bring audiences to the theatres to watch the film more than once. But he ends up almost getting killed by the goon sent by Akhilandeshwari for arranging her niece's marriage. She gets the room key from the gardener's granddaughter Durga and opens the door to the room.

My family saw the Malayalam film Manichitrathazu. Moon-faced beauty is a Indian Tamil-language comedy horror film written and directed by P. Ramachandra Acharya blows smoke and ash on Ganga's face when she is given a torch to burn Saravanan. For the Hindi film, see Chandra Mukhi.

When King Vettayan lived in the palace, he took a trip to Andhra Pradesh and met the dancer Chandramukhi, instantly falling in love with her beauty. The last segment was shot in the Cappadoccia region, a hour drive by bus from Istanbul. Prabhu Ganesan, Jyothika Saravanan and Nayantara were also given lead roles. Ramkumar telephoned Vasu, who was offering worship in a temple in Guruvayoor at that time, informing him of Rajinikanth's wish to do Apthamitra in Tamil under his direction. She gets the key and opens the door.

Chandramukhi Songs Lyrics

The awards for the film mainly went to Vadivelu and Jyothika for their performances. The reason he will sacrifice his life is because he looks just like the king and he went up to Chandramukhi's room and she saw him. After hearing Chandramukhi's story, Ganga, who thinks that the story was fabricated to scare thieves from stealing treasures in the room, wants to go there. However, she did not reciprocate his feelings as she was already in love with a dancer named Gunashekaran.

On Durgashtami, in the dance hall, the family and Ramachandra Acharya allow Chandramukhi to burn Saravanan alive. But the message is clear, King Rajni is back.

Saravanan, a psychiatrist, meets up with his foster brother Senthilnathan alias Senthil, and his wife Ganga while on vacation. When Vettaiyan discovered this, norton internet security 2013 60 day trial he beheaded Gunashekaran on Durgashtami and burnt Chandramukhi alive. Prabhu co-produced the film with Ramkumar. Senthil's mother Kasthuri K.

Raa Raa Sarasakku Chandramukhi Lyrics

Raa Raa Sarasakku Chandramukhi Lyrics

As a result, Vettaiyan took her back to his palace by force. Chandramukhi was parodied in various films. Cinematography was handled by Sekhar V. Rajinikanth played the roles of Dr. Saravanan learns that Senthil had bought the Vettaiyapuram mansion, despite attempts by the local village elders to dissuade them, and moves in with them.

When they go to a temple, a priest reveals why everyone is frightened. Event occurs during the end credits.

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Shiva Shiva would be seen imitating the film's introduction scene by stretching his leg when it is revealed that Siva has a split seam in his pants. Saravanan subdues Oomaiyan and with Senthil's help finds Ganga, who is supposedly being sexually harassed by Viswanathan. Vasu wanted Tharani to make the sets more colourful and grand and did not want the realistic look of the original film. As someone tries to kill Senthil, once with poison, and another time by pushing a fish tank a mysterious voice sings in the middle of the night, and Saravanan tries to figure out what's happening. The soundtrack album and background score were composed by Vidyasagar.

Raa Raa Sarasakku Song Lyrics

Joseph and editing was done by Suresh Urs. Senthil and Saravanan's mother Kasturi K. Sivaji Productions joined Galatta Media and eBay for an online auction of the film's memorabilia, becoming the first South Indian film to auction film merchandise. Akhilandeshwari overhears Saravanan's idea of self-sacrifice and apologises to him. By framing Vishwanathan, Chandramukhi wanted to stop the reception.

Vasu discussed every scene featuring the former and added necessary inputs before they were shot. Later, in the dance hall, the family and Ramachandra Acharya did what Saravanan asked them to do. Some of the best scenes in the movie are when both are together. Senthil calls Saravanan to solve the case. Ganga mysteriously disappears during Priya and Viswanathan's wedding reception.

Suspicion turns towards Durga. Convinced that Vettaiyan is dead, Chandramukhi leaves Ganga's body, curing her. The Hindi version was released in collaboration with producer A. Binny Krishnakumar, Tippu.

Chandramukhi Songs Lyrics

The film's original negative was damaged because of poor care and ill treatment. When Saravanan notices he goes to look for her. With a few deviations, it is a remake of the Malayalam film, Manichitrathazhu.

It was the first public screening of the film in Japan. He sported a wig for his role. Film portal s portal India portal. He laughed in his stylish way, and then asked if I was doing any new production. Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.