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Clive Langer Alan Winstanley. Guest Tony Slattery included it among his list of banished items.

Our House (Madness song)

You know, the hardest part about trying to change yourself is finding a motive, and, to be honest, Graham was my motive. To the Edge of the Universe and Beyond. It had broken her heart when he drove her to the railway station for the long journey home.

Newer Post Older Post Home. When I got back, everyone said how well I looked.

Library and Archives Canada. It was not a long or elaborate letter, but something about it caught my attention. Hopefully, we will be starting a family to complete everything I ever dreamed of. The Guide to Musical Theatre.

Someone came on saying about a boy she had met -his name was read out on national radio- it was the man i was living with! In America I became fascinated by radio - there was so much of it and my British accent made it easy for me to get work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

It had been one of those occasions where the weather had been beautiful for a fortnight - long hot days, warm nights. It exhausted me to start with but, gradually, I could cope more and more comfortably. Every thursday I would be taking cattle to a local mart, the que going in tended to coincide with our tune. The decade truly had something for everyone - and provided a welcome escape for a while from the long-running and boring saga of flared trousers as fashion, begun back in the s!

Legendary it certainly was. Graham came over to me as soon as I walked through the door of the showroom, and paid me the greatest compliment!

The song's lyrics mostly describe the working-class family lifestyle, and the band acts them out by portraying such a family in the video. This is honestly a love story which I should never really be writing. This blog is based on actual memories, media footage thank you, YouTube! It really used to drive me on, and it still means an awful lot to me today.

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From that point on, I became a different person. But, she did plant the seed of an idea in my mind.

But, of course, there was one I really wanted. Within days, I received more than letters from listeners with stories to tell. Chris Foreman Cathal Smyth.

At first I lived in fear that I would turn up at work and find out he had got married, or engaged. If you read it here, I think you can rest assured it's accurate, though I can take no responsibility for the newspaper reports from the decade! The letters became more wide ranging, dealing not only with romances, but also with problems that had cropped up on holiday.

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The songs followed the story and the meaning described the sorrow. Graham was completely out of range, as far as any sort of relationship was concerned. It was the start of a phenomenon. List of covers Live Lounge Special.

Our Tune Theme Song

In May Smooth Radio launched an internet discussion forum allowing listeners to share their thoughts on each day's Our Tune story. But Our Tune has garnered a huge following among the listening public.

Our House (Madness song)

The story was honest, straightforward, and full of emotion. To put it mildly, I was a bit of a mess at that time. He was tall, very handsome, quite dark skinned, and one of the most well-dressed men I had ever seen.

People blubbed over tragic tales on Our Tune many times, but there were also lots of stories with happy endings. Our Tune is perhaps best remembered for those stories that had a tragic theme, typically opening with a happy courtship followed by a disaster such as illness or death. Here is a favourite of mine from the book which is out of print, but still crops up on eBay at times. However, none has endured to the same extent. During her holiday, she had met a man in a wine bar - Stephen, who came from just outside Twickenham, and was charming, polite, considerate, best ware games and just on the right side of good looking.

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