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The survey will go out to employees in two waves, with each wave remaining open to employees for six weeks. But as musicians, the foursome are deadly serious. She can wail with the power of a crashing tidal wave or whine with the softness of a trickling rainfall. Who could also miss their originals Miss You and Could be Wrong. Use this to log in to your account, receive notifications and get handy updates from us.

Alert box notification is currently enabled, please follow this link to disable alert boxes for your profile. Then there's Zac Bernardino on electric guitar. This is Perfect Pop as we know it, and as it should be. Aside from his work with Cambio and Sandwich, he is a real live Eraserhead! That lone, unwavering voice, echoing through the occasional darkness.

Healthcare Learn more about healthcare coverage for Federal employees, retirees, and their families. Tell my followers about Myspace? You're now in slide show mode. The band came out at a time when furious and tuneless rap-metal was on the verge of breaking into local rock radio.

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Additionally, if you are using assistive technology and would like to be notified of items via alert boxes, please follow this link to enable alert boxes for your profile. The continued bossa craze in the circuit is seen to trigger more sales for Sitti's albums. All in accordance with pulsating, four-on-the-floor drumming that threatens to overwhelm those of us not in synch with the communal heartbeat. Their distinct sense of humor is quite known, if not legendary among their friends and peers who have known them from their college days in the Ateneo.

The email you used to create your account. Tell my friends about Myspace? If we find matches from your Facebook friends, we'll connect you to them right away. Square Peg Featuring Pato Banton.

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You may already know people on Myspace. Nina stands barely over five feet but her vocal prowess can stand up to a tidal wave. We based it off your Twitter details. Most people use their real name. Aside from these, their songs have topped charts of both radio stations and record bars.

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Now, Chin and Juris together with Andrew and John as their bassist and kahonista has swept the country by storm! Advertisement Your Ad Here.

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If we find matches from the people you follow on Twitter, we'll connect you to them right away. Select one Female Male Unspecified. She was five, singing in a corner when her dad gave her special notice.

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Like the band members themselves, the video is hilarious, and like their music, zombie and plants very well-executed. The pond was Original Pilipino Music. He goes for blue-based rock like Eric Clapton and Sting's kind of music. Not a lineup to take lightly.

The rest was, as we know it, history. Let your followers know you're on Myspace with a Tweet. As far as she can remember, Nina has always been in the solemn presence of music. Lead singers Juris and Chin have indeed turned our worlds upside down with the kind of music they deliver.

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If you wish to help me- check out my YouTube channel- were I post a new video every week. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Connecting to your webcam. Pop alternativeproudly Pinoy, made flesh then and has dwelt among us since.

Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace? You can throw in numbers, dots and dashes, too. Inspite of the many threats to her career, Sitti was unmindful of it.

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Advertisement pay per click. The almost call-and-response dynamic that makes an exchange of energy between patron and performer so effortless? Big and Led Zepelin as his musical influences.

Career Development Learn how you can achieve your personal and professional development goals. Hiring Authorities Find out how to get a job with the Schedule A appointing authority for people with disabilities. Sitti's sunny disposition about her career has consistently made her a stand-out in this generation of bossa. Like a skilled boxer, it bobs, weaves and strikes when you least expect.


But they probably deserved more than that. New discoveries attempted to dislodge her as the Queen Of Bossa but were only dismayed when Sitti remained to be a hot favorite in the industry. Yeng is one of the rising female artist in Philippine music industry.