Is mylife a dating website, 100 free online dating in my life ms

Is mylife a dating website, 100 free online dating in my life ms

It can take anywhere from hours, to days, to weeks, to months for this to happen. This site is like looking at the cover of a book, but never opening and reading what it really means. It's all crap, and all you can do is post rebuttals to some of the inaccurate info. If your info is still on the site, either send another email or call them on the number listed in the tutorial.

Thank you for your efforts in sharing this information. Your process was straight forward and painless. The problem of multiple profiles and hidden profiles on MyLife is increasing. Something has changed in recent weeks because this was not the case for me in the past. Criminal or Court records could mean a parking ticket, damaging connections could be a long lost family member who is a loser.

If you are still seeing the link to this profile on Google. Cancellation was a hassle. Great information all around.

To set up a free consultation please reach out by using my contact form. First off I don't take pics like that. They have me listed as living in states I've never even stepped foot in.

If someone buys a report on you, I strongly suspect that all your actual information will be present in addition to whatever you created. Sent multiple emails and they said they were allowed to keep my info online. But they deceive Google into thinking your page is still live, so Google indexes and caches the page.

Is mylife a dating website

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You can email me that too. Why would anyone want to pay this company for information you can get from public records when MyLife does not have up to date or true records? This company purports to collect personal data, and when I looked at several profiles, I noticed they were filled with inaccuracies.

Is mylife a dating website

And I was literally floored about all the personal info they had on me. This had better not show up on my statement next month. The problem is these are not decent people who are interested in satisfying your problem.

MyLife Headquarters

Numerous duplicates and some deceased relatives, our family had quite a collection of profiles on their shady site. Alternatively, I can be hired to do it for you for a fee. They claim I have criminal record when I have none. Hopefully that same thing will happen for you. They double billed me the first month.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Since they declined to show up or deny it, I ended up winning. They claim they found criminal information and liens etc on the person but when you finally pay for it, it turns out to be someone totally different or just a flat out lie.

  • Find other websites or get this info from your County Clerk.
  • Good luck this site is a scam sit on hold and get hung up on!
  • See below the emails and responses I sent in.
  • How often do you suggest a person re-check these sites?
Is mylife a dating website

Better Business Bureau Profile

Verified it at their website. Please do not trust anything on the website. They have resubmitted my info back onto their website. It is early yet so I am hopeful.

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But without a doubt this company seemed to have a lot of information about me posted very publicly which made me feel uncomfortable. When you search on Google, put in your name and part of your home address and that will expose some of the sites that have your address on Google. Not to mention some of the information they are presenting as facts, hook up plantronics is plain out false or misleading.

Is mylife a dating website
  1. All kinds of personal information came up but Mylife was the first return in the search.
  2. If you notice shady business dealings, you can report a business to the Better Business Bureau.
  3. There certainly are things that can be done without investing in legal help.
  4. In other words, do not create an account in order to opt out.
Is mylife a dating website

My Life Dating Site Free Online Dating in My Life MS

Thank you, Hayley, for providing great info! This is a bogus site that can be manipulated by anyone if the fee is paid. But by then, maybe other states will catch on and pass similar legislation. As for me, these are greedy crooks who hang out information on private citizens for bait.

Is mylife a dating website

In fact I had the bank reissue my debt card. It is obvious that they are doing this for money and it amazes me the level people will go to for a buck. As mentioned to Sio, yes, married man single female friends I can still do it and I am having success.

Customer Questions & Answers

Who gives them right to rate people and gather all info about them? When I called them I had to wait for a long time. Send from a different email address.

Angry customers say this is because MyLife is making up the list of people who are searching for you. Now, I'm waiting to see what MyLife. Your info on MyLife in Google will eventually fall out of search results on its own.

100 Free Online Dating in My Life MS

Is mylife a dating website

Now just waiting until it falls off of the Google results. They have me on their site with where I work, my address, phone numbers. That said, when images are on the site, advice it adds a layer of complexity to removal from the site. See technical details below for more information.

Or any advice or information would be so helpful. See the link below to my profile on MyLife dot com. They certainly behave unethically. Paying to be a member of the site, and flagging your info as private does not work, I tried. Nothing has worked and I am clearly being ignored.

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