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This is such a great post. For the feed with Aden that is the second photo below, I used one filter overall for all photos.

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Thank you so much for sharing this great tips! An Insta-Theme scene setter starts as a room background that you customize to fit your party, and a backdrop, background, wall covering or prop is a great way to create the perfect mood.

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It is so hard for me to stick to one theme all the time, but ir really does make a huge difference. Ahh this is such an amazingly helpful post.

But wether you are doing this as a career or just for fun, some of the tips should help your feed look good in no time. When I saw your post on tips I had to visit your site to check them out. Or bright and colorful with high contrast. What kind of photos do you like to see? This is a wonerful post as i always Look foward to your instagram posts!

Great tips, i literally had the exact same problem when I was on vacation. Got the app and look forward to planning! If you found a feed that is light and airy, keep your photos in natural light and use white backgrounds, walls or clothes to create an overall feed. Whats tHat tropical looking feed you posted? This is great information.

These scene setters also double as great photo backdrops! Take your decorations to the next level with these Insta-Themes and Scene Setters!


There are so many filters and apps out there, its best to just play around until you find some that you like. Under the Sea Insta-Theme. These tips were so helpful! The tip for what you do when oN vacay is greaT, im def going to use that.

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What a great tooL this is. Christmas Outdoor Insta-Theme. Or muted tons that err on the darker side.

Are you tired of seeing the same old party decorations? So that if a cool tone photos is next to a warmer photo, you can edit one of them to look cohesive next two each other. Make sure you've set the scene for fun! Now you can transform your entire party location easily and quickly. Medieval Castle Insta-Theme.

It is eye-catching and it makes me want to continually browse on your page. What kind of photos do you like to take?

Wow, this was more than helpfuL! Ive awaya wanted to achieve that look as well but also keep it a bit organized versus anything else. This is so helpful and this whole time i always think there is an app im not using. Thank you this help me a lot. You can see my favorites and how I use the app in my photography post.

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Santa's Workshop Insta-Theme. This tricks to manage Instagram feed is really working good.

We like soul cycle for s start. Here are a few of my favorites. ThaNkyou for very well put and wonderful advice as i am starting out a instagtam.

Every party has balloons and streamers. Does the selfie drone actually works at the right angle for ootd shots? Glad I stopped by your site! So this made me feel better that you do it too haha.

Your instagram feed is amazing! Take your party, celebration, or event to the next level with our Insta-Themes, Scene Setters, gta v 5 game Backdrops and Backgrounds. Thank you for Replying to me on instagram about this! Tropical Island Insta-Theme. This article gave me so much knowledge to maintain Instagram theme.