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And I for one am grateful for it because now when someone comes back stating the declaration is incorrect, I just scan, highlight this section from the Code, deleted file recovery and email it to them. Existing and operating in the world of regulations can also bring on this feeling. You will be logged out in minutes and all unsaved actions will be lost. Lion training gets better every year!

IMDG Code - Mandatory Sections - IMDG Code Compliance Centre

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The presentation style was engaging and fostered a positive atmosphere for information sharing. Before getting started, be sure you understand what all of those terms mean. The instructor led us through two days packed with useful compliance information. It was challenging and the layout was great! Compliance Topics Environmental.

Inclusion of regulations in hard copy form, as well as full electronic with state pertinent regulations included is a great bonus! Lion is always the best in both instruction and materials.

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

There was a lot of information to cover but time flew by. So what does this all mean? Thoroughly explained all topics in easy-to-understand terms. Is this a new requirement?

Excepted Quantity Packaging Q. The material and presentation are far superior than others I have taken.

The new version is the Amendment. Should be the net weight or gross weight?

You always learn so much, and the instructors are fantastic. One of these days, I want a presentation to start with this. The main part of my job is to train companies, workers, handlers, and the like on how to manage hazardous materials or hazardous chemicals safely. This depends on the mode or jurisdiction of transport. One of the few training courses I can say I actually enjoyed.

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Best class I've ever attended. Hazmat shipping can be a dry, complicated topic but I was engaged the entire time.

Made what is very dry material interesting. Furthermore, it can cause burns to skin, eyes and mucous membranes. This workshop covered the basics in making brief, concise, clear learning objectives. Others decide to be nicer to people, spend more time with family or volunteer. Plus, get resources to help you simplify compliance and earn a full year of Lion Membership for complete regulatory support.

Amendment includes revisions, and additions required for shipping specific substances. Lion is much better, more comprehensive than other training providers. Excellent summary of requirements with references. There is a fair amount of interest in the topic of preparing Damaged or Defective DoD lithium batteries for transport and how to make a determination of the degree of hazard they present.

Course manual and references were easier to use as well. In the world of transport though, you have no choice. However, not everyone is going to take one of my courses.

Due to inactivity, your session has expired. Made training enjoyable, understandable and fun! Packaging A receptacle and any other components or materials necessary for the receptacle to perform its containment function in conformance with the minimum packing requirements. Interact with a live instructor and get answers to your questions during or after the sessions. Last month I had to ship a couple of small bottles of bromine for a client.

IMO IMDG Code 2018 Edition (Amendment 39-18)

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To answer that question it is time to look to the regulations. Is it per package or per packaging? Later that night some of us boarded buses to go the the FedEx world hub. Basically, what you have are containers of non-regulated liquids.

This information can be provided on an alternate document i. Due to inactivity, your session is about to expire. Even after years on both sides of the comprehension coin, I find myself still learning! The trick is to know which regulation requires what.