Horror Music Background

Eerie Celesta and chilling Cello backed with ghostly choir vocals create a cool crisp horror theme suitable for Halloween or theme music for a horror build up or introduction. Great for trailers, horror, chases, fights and action scenes. Perfect soundtrack for mystery games, suspense movies, ms works 8 horror and thriller.

Horror background music

The environment herself trying to envelop with darkness and absorb here. Menacing classical orchestral track that conveys a dark mood of mystery, tension and fear. Threatening descending electric piano with ironic chimes.

Free Music Horror & Suspense Movies

This quirky, mysterious and haunting music fits perfectly with any project related to Halloween. All of the situations require different types of music. Intimate chill out track with a beautiful combination of soft thunderstorm, electric piano, that sounds more like a musicbox and measured arpeggiator in the background.

This is a dark, creepy, spooky and very intensive trap music with scary melody. Great for the scoring of fantasy, action, horror video material. Beautiful and eerie piano accompanied with a haunting cello provides a creepy and ghostly atmosphere for suspense or horror.

It is perfectly looped so you can apply it for as long as you need. Epic Intense Trailer Intro Indent. Good music makes the scene more daunting. Also perfect for strange and furious scenes, ominous thriller, nightmares backgrounds and much more. Suitable for a thriller crime drama or horror film.

Horror Music

All this is eerie and makes one want to close with a blanket over his head and to be trembling. Epic Journey to Hell is a big, dramatic orchestral piece that begins with driving staccato strings and builds to a hellish climax with horns, choirs and drums. Starting synchronized with the end of the track and can be used as a hinge. This dark soundscape combines an menacing presence with an essence of danger and drama. Dark and somber walking of unknown creatures with creepy violins is complemented by mystery sound effects.

It can be used for criminal dramatic movies and videos. Knowing that it is a movie and not a reality he still finds it very realistic.

Fits great for Halloween themes, horrors, thrillers, games, scary videos, investigations, superstitions, mysteries, ghosts, crime or horror series, etc. Enigmatic, dreamy, tense modern orchestral score with a dark harp sound as lead instrument.

Dark, creepy and sinister orchestral track that conveys an eerie mood of mystery, tension and mistrust. Sound produced while breaking a metallic object is also provided with the help of this music. Spooky, mysterious and suspenseful Halloween music.

Free Music Horror & Suspense Movies

The environment does not allow relaxing for a moment, surrounding with different unpleasant surprises. Useful horror rack for Halloween or creepy themed projects. Perfect for genres in fantasy, horror, paranormal and more!

Horror Music

Also perfect for strange and furious scenes, thriller and nightmares backgrounds. Explore the full background music catalog and free background music list.

Also suitable for crime scenes, horrors, thrillers, scary animations, video and many more. There are some of the tragic notes is the first part of this background track, giving the inevitability and hopelessness of subsequent events. Perfect choice for any military videos, energetic motion graphics, fighting adventures, commercials and more. Gothic choir merged with tragic strings build a massive percussive climax. It has Taiko drums, electric cymbal swells, deep horns, epic percussion rhythms and an awesome climax.

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It tightens into the funnel, and there is no power to escape from it. Psychedelic elements are present here in large numbers. Strange suspense is a dark and scary track, full of danger and tension. Cinematic and in-your-face. Use of high tech gadgets is done to produce such kind of music.

This is the track in a dark mood featuring dark synths and orchestral strings. Soft and thick darkness creeps cautiously from every quarter throwing out their poisonous spines.

Tensions gradually increased towards the end, exciting the nerves. This horror background music is great for fear and suspense scenes, thriller movies and horrifying trailers.

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Gives a sense of fire and brimstone with a dark and uneasy feeling. The sound and the audio system for horror movie should be exclusive and unmatched.

Broken bits of electronic phrases, tremolo violin in the background and a strong bass line as a base. Suspense The tension builds as anxiety and fear sweep through the audience. Great for horror and suspense films, spy and crime videos, mysterious and fear scenes, thrillers, investigation scenes and much more.