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Alalb has become Kirpal's. In Your search I checked every door.

The body and mind become bright when I hear the sweet words. Assuming the body of Sawan, God has become the storekeeper of the True Naam.

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Jiba te likh de, Naam Guru ji da Mere kan vich Dhun di, avaz likh de, Mere hirde vich gura da, pyar likh de. He has been born from the womb of Gulab Devi. He who, becoming a lover, came to your door, finished his birth and death instantly.

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Hasdi ne dil mangiya nachhatar gill new song. Hasdi ne dil mangya by deepu mehta hd studio ellenabad. Tu sini ne song song-hasdi ne dil mangya by nachhatar gill free song dil mera muft ka of agent vinod. Mitran ne dil mangeya ravinder grewal tejwant kittu latest punjabi song finetouch music.

Except You t found no other support. He is above birth and death. The pain of birth and death is intense.

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He who sacrifices his mind gets the manifested Lord. Aavat dhur se Anhad Bani, sunat jhini antar shravni Do nayani dhyan laya ji. In the day I have no peace and at night I get no rest. She wore a Pierrot from myself and thumped the miscreant a few than shift in balance from four legs to two.

They are the givers of life. Aja pyare, Satguru aja, apani surat, menu vakhaja repeat Come beloved Satguru, come and show me Your face. Aajaj hoke Satguru age, ogun kad bakshavenga repeat When will you, becoming humble in front of the Satguru, get forgiveness for your sins? Beloved, give us Your radiant darshan now, don't delay it even for a moment.

Your Naam, which is true, we have forgotten. Oh dear one of Sawzn, why do You delay? Jhuth pasara jagat eh sara, repeat bina guru kaun par utare This world is a creation of falsehood.

Maya swindled and conquered you, and you forgot, you forgot. We have come to Your door-give us the darshan. He heard the plea of Ajaib after coming.

He has hidden Himself within man. The Bani is being sounded within, but the people want to hear it in mosques and temples. We are bad souls who walk on the Path only after going astray. One has to give u p happiness and climb the cross.

What should I tell you, my Satguru, about what has happened with me? An alternate electrical power source reduces the probability that the access technique will turn out to be inoperable via strength reduction and aid conserve battery lifestyle. Satguru Kirpal datar pyariya, Chadke jahan Sara, tenu hi pukariya repeat both Iines Sade la deyo dhyan sidhe sach khand jan de, Sawan Kirpal.

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Ajaib is undergoing sufferings. Tere bina sab chadte sahare, dil sade vich vasja pyare repeat Hath ban karda arjoi. And being controlled by the devotees, You do everything for them. True Sawan, acrobat for listen to our pleas.

How can the sheaves be gathered? When He showers grace the Lord liberates in a moment.

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Andar bahar dil nu tohva, yad kara te pal pal rova repeat Hanjhua vale har parova, dhundha gali o gali I search for Him within and without. Rah bikhara manjil dur teri, magaruro ankh be, nur teri repeat Jado chalde ah dig pene ah, asa Satguru diya rakhiya ne. Video song features Gippy Grewal and Kainaat Arora.

The trumpet of war has been blown and dark death has come near. Hoke mai atma teri, ban gai ha man di cheri Maya de jalne gheri, aake bachande kyo nahi I am your soul-yet still I have become the slave of the mind. Banda to chiz kya hai, harijano har mulaka ne Mana kamal tera, Sawan jamal tera Not only individuals, but all people of the Lord All countries, ail mystics - recognize Your greatness.

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Hasdi ne dil mangeya nachhattar gill new video edited by karmvir dhillon punjabi romentic song. Hasi ne dil mangeya full audio song nachhatar gill punjabi song speed claasic hitz.