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The system is integrated and synchronized so you can pick it up where you left it on another device if you get disturbed in the middle of a lesson.


The study material however is top-notch. Yes now they ship fast, implemented some fancy online planner who cares? Am I supposed to watch the video on one monitor and have Vitalsource open on another computer?

Notify me of new posts by email. So the way I see it the built in performance metrics are instead a useful gauge to figure out if you need to study harder to pass the test. Your email address will not be published. That said many people prefer video learning and Wiley does a great job of making the videos visually engaging. Video-actual teacher on that video?

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The guides are still good even with them being gone. You basically pay one fee, and then they offer that you can use it until you pass that level. In the meanwhile we had to make due with the ebooks through Vitalsource. Also, given small smartphone screens, it could be hard to see examples, etc.

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This package is great value. Printed materials are basicly same as superb. They said I could print pages per day. Were these just marketing gimmicks?

Phone lady was not friendly at all. More to come in later post about some of the other points made. Main difference in the actual materials I noticed since - complete garbage new lecturer for online classes, new video lectures. If I am buying a book online, I should be able to print it.

To be perfectly frank, Basit and Peter made that program. Videos are a waste of time. Just use Schweser books and Practice Exams and you will be fine. Be prepared with Kaplan Schweser.

David Hetherington did the bulk of them. So in theory you could postpone the test if you are not ready. The built in performance metrics will also give you a clue if you are truly ready to take the exam. Hopefully they will get their act together. It made studying from their print outs rather diffcult.

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He is just reading the text like machine - complete waste of time - I barely can focus on his machine like reading. Video learning is not for everyone. If not, can you epxlain why? Twitter Facebook LinkedIn.

Elan Guides have got a solid line-up of video lecturers, pimple popper game authors and course mentors. If you just want one of these study aids you can also opt to buy either the study guides or practice questions separately.

So you can study the bite-sized lessons on the go. The study program is optimized for tablet. If I had to do it again I would go with Schweser.

Free updates and upgrades until you pass If you are still in university, please look out for any potential student discounts. So if you are stuck on a certain question you can reach out for guidance.

If you are still in university, please look out for any potential student discounts. Huge difference between him and Peter Olinto and even Basit. Agree, the new instructor is not as good as Basit or Peter. Study on the Go The study program is optimized for tablet.


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