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The Man of Bronze (Doc Savage 1) by Kenneth Robeson

The Doc Savage books are renowned for their wide-ranging creativity, where no idea was unwelcome. Criminals all over Manhattan drop dead with their eyes popping out. The fictional airship Aeromunde is based on the real-life Dixmude. Invisible criminals rampage through Manhattan, robbing opera-goers, snatching jewels and money, spying on police, and brutalizing people. Doc was arguably the first great modern superhero with a rich background, continuity, and mythos.

Doc and his crew are dragged by invisible forces deep into the underworld and a war between Subterranae and the Land of Beyond! Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze! If you have read one Doc Savage, you have very nearly read them all. This is the only one I've actually read, but from what I understand he has this same level of invincible-ness in every one of his exploits. Doc Savage, supreme adventurer, and his five science bros have their first of many exploits.

Doc savage books

Cadwiller Olden was only three feet tall, but he was the most dangerous man on Earth. And because each episode is strictly self-contained, there's no feeling of development or advancement.

The Man of Bronze

And he's completely ridiculous, larger-than-life, over-the-top alpha male. Campanella whose enthusiasm and love for the text shines through. So as silly and simple as it is, it's a damned fun, if quick read. Overall, fun stuff but not quite enough substance. Beginning with an attempt on Doc's life, the gang flies from New York City to an ancient hidden city in Central America as Doc traces his legacy left to him by his father.

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Can modern science prevail against a supernatural being who can slash a man to pieces where he stands? The hooded Green Bell has paralyzed Prosper City.

He is physically as impressive as Hercules and as mesmerizingly beautiful as Apollo. Doc races to stop the mega-assassin Ark, agent of a foreign power and a fleet steaming to attack America! Doc and his aide seek the murderous Krag before the fiend can sell the secret to the enemy.

See a Problem

Other adventure stories filled up the back, and there was a letters column. Though often laughably ridiculous, this thick literary gumbo is certainly filling. Open Preview See a Problem? Doc is mailed a killer canary and soon stranded in the mountains of India by a scheming murderer.

Dodging the law and thugs, Doc delves into Virginia's dismal swamp to stop the plot of a utopian madman. All over New York City, innocent men turn into raving maniacs with superhuman strength and unstoppable stamina before they wither away.

List of Doc Savage novels

Doc savage books

Knowing that Doc Savage may try to foil their plans, they lure him into a trap with a bogus appeal to his humanity before he can get wind of their evil scheme. There are some books that just can't be rated or reviewed objectively. Some of this group manages to distinguish themselves, others I assume will shine more in later books.

Doc savage books

Can anything stop this seemingly supernatural menace from reaching the nearby state capital? Somehow I think that today we'd be hearing about the ebil liberal agenda from certain quarters. He was the antithesis of The Shadow, bright instead of dark, merciful instead of brutal, and world-famous instead of mythical. Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say and do. It's twelve all over again.

But this is grade-A pulp, and it's just too entertaining to be put off by the it's-just-too-much-of-a-good-thing greatness that is the man of bronze. Definitely need a breather between them, but when I'm in the mood for a palate cleanser or need a short, cheesy read, I'll definitely be going back to these. The solution to this mystery takes Doc and his crew to Antarctica, racing adventuress Velma Crale, who seeks a fabulous treasure of platinum and gold and will stop at nothing to get to it first.

An ultra-secret State Department mission sends Doc Savage from the streets of Manhattan to the Arctic Sea, where he is targeted by the Kremlin and headed for a confrontation with a vile nemesis! So, for eight issues, i mind map 5 a Doc Savage magazine reappeared on newsstands.

There were always a few points that it was difficult to believe along the way, but there were always more ups than downs, and there was never, ever a dull moment. What's important about them is that they add dialogue and human foibles you know, like the side characters in Disney stuff and aren't as good at fighting, so Doc has someone to rescue. Doc Savage by Lester Dent. Covers rarely showed Doc anymore, becoming detective-generic, abstract or illustrating non-Doc stories.

It doesn't matter if the plot has holes. Soon other people are turning up pink and in deadly danger, including Monk! There are actually six in the set, but I must have misplaced one of them. Vikings attack a luxury yacht off New York while invisible killers commit murder with alarm clocks.

He is faster, stronger, more attractive and more intelligent than everyone he meets. Doc used fewer gadgets and standard detective tropes. But disguises and counter-plots abound, and everyone fears an unstoppable and devastating hammer-fist from the sky.

From Manhattan to Cape Town ensues a quest as dangerous as any in recorded history. One of the great pulp heroes that influenced the first generation of comic heroes. Think the resources and determination of Batman with the physical abilities of the early era superman.

Battleships and destroyers are being rendered helpless by an impossibly powerful force. Stuffed-shirt and chemist Henry Jones narrates a case of a rented gorilla suit with ties to a food packaging miracle.

List of Doc Savage novels