De_cache matchmaking, de cache counter-strike global offensive maps

De_cache matchmaking, de cache counter-strike global offensive maps

It's also a really kevlar low pistol strat and you open yourself to getting demolished by aimpunch. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. But just in case, make sure to try it out offline before testing it in your really important match. Let your teammate close the door, like nothing happened.

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Instead of having two pathways, one of the lesser used pathways near bombsite B has been converted into a storage room. The original Global Offensive version is largely a copy of the Source version, with some changes in the looks of the map and gameplay. And the last tip for this video.

Keep in mind, the amount you move your crosshair up does matter. The reactor can be targeted from above and below. Line these posts up like this, aim at the cross and then left click throw.

Nade heavy strats in general, are typically not suitable for pistol rounds. Life Cycle of a Lithium battery pack, how many cycles should it last? Shortly after, Nuke was re-introduced to the active map pool, replacing Inferno. In the final version, the crates at Bombsite A and the nuclear missile in Bombsite B have been replaced with nuclear containment barrels. This can help you to guard vents.

DE CACHE Counter-Strike Global Offensive Maps

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  1. Unlike most Counter-Strike bomb defusal maps, the map revolves around a central structure rather than multiple lanes, with the two bombsites being overlapped on top of each other.
  2. Yes, you're right, but its not like people are constantly looking at the sky wondering if its a smoke or a plane.
  3. It's not guarenteed but theres a chance they notice they're not standard smokes.
  4. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted areas.
  5. Make sure you are not too close to the wall, otherwise it won't work, you have to have a right distance.
  6. The lack of armor is the biggest problem.

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This trick has been around on my channel, but I find it still uncommon as people are trying to boost to Shroud spot using different risky ways to do it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Security is at an all time low since the plant's closure and the fuel rods are scheduled for removal next week. If you look up from checkers you can see those windows.

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  • Aim like shown, of course you can play around with it.
  • For cut maps, see Counter-Strike cut maps.
  • Fine and dandy for scrims and matches though.
  • The map takes place in a warehouse containing nuclear materials or a nuclear power plant.

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As such, players no longer need to crouch within the vent. Again, i never said it is a pistol only strat. Then do not move your crosshair, run towards boost spot and runthrow the molotov. The Craziest Smuggling Attempts Ever!

How do you throw those smokes? It can be done really fast and this is easy to line up. Next to T spawn again, forum best free dating sites boost.

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Here you have a great and easy A main smoke, which leaves no gaps either side. Fine and dandy until they see three smokes flying from across mid, kind of gives the positions of three players away and the fact that the A site attack is probably a fake. Steam group link is in the video description. This sounds awesome dude, got to try this with a full team sometime.

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All you have to do is, take a position like this, aim about here and shoot the zeus. That is the gamble you take when you do a fake. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. For cut maps, see Global Offensive cut maps. Too easy to remember, free so this should get more common nowadays.

10 UNCOMMON DE CACHE TRICKS Howtoshtab how to lifehacks tips and tricks

If you want to be special, you can make a two man tower on the boost spot itself. You can make a lot of different two man boosts here. And the smokes A don't account for highway, the two super common boosted spots now, forklift, so there's a bunch of spots which can but a stop to it pretty fast. You definitely will have a situation when you retake A from highway, I will show you really easy, yet so effective smoke. But I find it really useful right here.

A Map for Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The building itself has been changed to nuclear power plant rather than a nuclear missile storage. The ventilation covers connecting Site A and B can now be interacted with to close and open them, shutting off sight lines. This will be the easiest frag of your life. Actually, i mentioned that the option would be to run to spdway then later to z.

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Plus its going to be hard to hold the site with glocks against the cts during the retake. Cool, easy and fast way to molly boost spot. This area is much smaller and lacks automated doors. Because you don't want to buy that many grenades pistol round on t side? Let your teammate crouch next to squeaky door, kosovo dating website open the door yourself and climb up.

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You in your casual matchmaking games can use this jump peek pretty safely and get some valuable info to clutch the round. You can see anyone who is in this close corner of A main. Thus taking control of these areas. Throwing more grenades, and defaulting to allow the enemy to make a move gives even more room for the lack of armor to wreck this strategy. The desert textures were replaced with concrete and the sky no longer contained the canyons that it once had.

This Zeus wallbang has been around couple of months now and they are not even trying to fix it. Elsewhere, the integrity of the facility contained textures from multiple maps originating from Half-Life. With every fake, you need to get a frag to force a rotate. The vent is now also larger, compared to the original version.

Great way to test your luck once in a while. Want to add to the discussion? Let's start off with a natural wallhack next to squeaky. Lighting has also increased as well. This is probably the easiest trick of this video.

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Basically you have to hug this wall and stay about here, when you aim at the right top corner of this doorframe. Just stand about here, gal crouch and play around till your really right side of the screen will have a wallhack. In my opinion a lot safer way to info peek from quad is by jumping like this. So I found that you can throw smokes from outside of b halls all the way to A site.

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