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There are small continuities and nods between the games, but you are absolutely allowed to play them in whatever order you wish without any real context penalties if you decide to skip around. And who is the mysterious, shadowy figure always by her side?

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Into an enchanting hidden object adventure! You have brought disgrace upon us. Along the way, we would find notes from either Siegfried or the princess. The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree. In the Secret Passage, we found the duckling as it cutely waddled away from us.

The Detective is sent to the fictional Lake Symhir possibly based on an area of Russia and the Kingdom of Barsia to investigate mechanical stag attacks occurring in the kingdom. Following the duckling, we have to open the door to the Great Hall. This salt-transmutation appears to be caused by a mysterious species of white dragonflies. Though he wanted to join the people outside, he could not, for the light burned him. Your username is permanent and yours forever.

Your investigation will take you deep within the forest where a dangerous artifact will be unearthed, one that could spell doom for the whole world! Upon fixing the cursed portrait via a sewing kit from the Drawing Room, the Princess Fionnuala spoke.

Play Now Download free trial now. There has also been an odd case of things turning into salt, and the Detective must both find the princess and put a stop to the salt. Just as one of the apprentices was about to reach out, the woman started to come to life! It was modeled after the princess of a lost kingdom, Cisneros, who went missing three-hundred years ago. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Click here to download this game again. Only you can help Queen Valla discover the answers. People were always afraid of him. Better hide yourself in darkness.

The popular Dark Parables game series so far. The complete Dark Parables games list. Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow is the thirteenth installment of the Dark Parables series. If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, i wrote this for you book our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games.

Every time the prince tried to protect the duckling, his brothers teased him mercilessly. Add a photo to this gallery. Click here to go to our help pages or to contact our Customer Support team instead. One witness even saw a lady wandering around with a duckling in her arms.

The player is Hansel as he rescues his sister from a witch and releases a goddess from captivity. Portrait of the Stained Princess will be the sixteenth installment of the Dark Parables series, with an unknown release date. The Princess of Grak Kingdom went missing a hundred years ago. Goldilocks and the Fallen Star is the tenth game of Dark Parables franchise. Portrait of the Stained Princess Survey.

But in doing so, the Detective discovers a ritual to revive a fallen evil and a romance between the most unlikely lovers. Languages Nederlands Edit links. Replay your favorite hidden object scenes and minigames. Return of the Salt Princess. Swan Princess and the Dire Tree.

Dark Parables Portrait of the Stained Princess Survey

He yearned for the light, even though the light rejected him. Suddenly, the princess stepped out from the portrait, capturing the missing apprentice.

Unmask the true villain, before their nightmares spread to the entire world. They have always been together since the day they were born.

You can help by adding to it. The Red Riding Hood Sisters.

Dark Parables

Restore the people before it's too late or succumb to the shadows in Dark Parables - Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow Collector's Edition. This gives you lots of benefits, such as personalized game recommendations and discount offers! Edgar Allan Poe Games List. He set off into the world to find the cure for his illness. As you approach the ruins, you are attacked by an abnormally strong man with hostile intent.

Dark Parables Portrait of the Stained Princess Survey

Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to further your investigation and uncover the dark secrets lurking just beneath the surface. The bonus gameplay linked to this game is The Journey of Atonement, in which the thief tries to right his wrongs by venturing to the edge of the world to stow the Tinderbox's evil forever. The Old Town located beneath the ruins of Grak Kingdom has been rapidly turning into salt in the past few days. Shame, it seemed like a good storyline.

Be careful what you wish for in this spectacular hidden-object puzzle adventure game! The Detective is also there to join Prince Gwyn and Gerda's wedding, two characters who appeared in the third installment of the series. Thank you for writing a review!

Portrait of the Stained Princess

To make changes, use the Edit or Cancel buttons. The Detective is sent to the fictional Dire Island possibly based on a region of Ireland to investigate odd cracks threatening to destroy the island. The Detective must investigate a mysterious illness plaguing the fictional town of Anaben at the base of the Swiss Alps, whose residents are losing their shadows. Uncovering the portrait, we see the princess, but her duckling is gone. We use cookies on this site including to improve its functionality and to record how you use our site.

One day, as the dawn arrived, the prince left his wagon with his duckling. The games are distributed by Big Fish Games. The Grak Palace also inexplicably collapsed at around the same time. Gaining access to the Drawing Room, we see the mysterious shadow again. The bonus gameplay linked to this game is titled The Golden Slumber, and it centers around Jack from the sixth installment and his fiancee Emma who has fallen comatose.

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Share on Facebook Tweet Gift this game. Making their way to the Great Hall, they uncovered the portrait of a woman holding a duckling. Your username will be displayed on your review.

Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow. Thank you so much I have been trying to find the correct order I play the series on Wild Tangent but they have only released certain ones and they are out of order. An old friend will surface and his deepest desires will determine the fate of the Mountain Kingdom. Stepping into the next room, we found the portrait, but it has been covered up.