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Ian Charleson as Eric Liddell. Academy Award for Best Picture. Liddell's religious convictions in the face of national athletic pride make headlines around the world. Five lively Gilbert and Sullivan tunes also appear in the soundtrack, and serve as jaunty period music which nicely counterpoints Vangelis's modern electronic score.

Theatrical release poster. Montague also competed in the Olympics as depicted, but he attended Oxford, not Cambridge.

The scene in the train station, where Monty meets Harold is absent, as well as the loading of the baggage in the taxi they share. Cheryl Campbell as Jennie Liddell. Let us praise famous men and our fathers that begat us. This alternate version also have slightly different end credits, and does not mention Harold marrying Sybil. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

In his words to paraphrase an old adage, he is often invited to the trough, but isn't allowed to drink. Oddly, for a film about triumph over adversity, there's nothing as uplifting as the opening and closing jogs along a windswept beach. Academy Award for Best Film Editing. Graham Brooke as Paul Mahoney.

Carole Ashby as Linda Boyland. Ralph Lawton as Harbormaster.

His achievement was remarkable as he had already won the and yard events that day. Decidedly slower and less limber than the Olympic runners at the center of its story, the film nevertheless manages to make effectively stirring use of its spiritual and patriotic themes. In addition to having a natural pugnaciousness, he had the desired ability to sing and play the piano.

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Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire - Rotten Tomatoes. Jenny Liddell Somerville cooperated fully with the making of the film and has a brief cameo in the Paris Church of Scotland during Liddell's sermon. Best Picture Oscar winning movies i have seen. Alternate Versions There is at least one slightly different version of the movie, issued in Europe on homevideo.

Chariots of Fire Full Movie

He knows his last chance for a medal will be the metres. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure. The Cambridge administration greatly regretted the decision after the film's enormous success.

Chariots of Fire Full Movie

Rosy Clayton as Linda Wallis. One of them is the background music to the race Eric Liddell runs in the Scottish highlands. In reality, after winning the metres race, Abrahams ran the metres but finished last, Jackson Scholz taking the gold medal.

Despite its bombastic tendencies, Chariots has a healthy glow that's charming. Chariots of Fire is a British historical drama film. The way to succeed shown in Chariots of Fire is probably naive by today's standards, gabber top 100 but nonetheless noble and uplifting.

It shows that there are two ways to succeed, the one not shown in the movie, and the one shown. The beach scenes associated with the theme tune were filmed at West Sands, St Andrews. Sarah Roache as Doreen Sloane.

Dennis Christopher as Charles Paddock. Some pieces of Vangelis's music in the film did not end up on the film's soundtrack album. Liddell went on to missionary work in China.

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Kim Clifford as Sybil's Maid. David Kivlin as Scots Boy. All these men were honoured in their generations and were a glory in their days. Alice Krige as Sybil Gordon. It's a character study and a social history too.

Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

The film was slightly altered for the U. With the exception of Porritt, all the runners in the m final are identified correctly when they line up for inspection by the Prince of Wales.