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Bob Dylan-Blonde on Blonde. The Art work on Powerslave is so incredibly detailed, it should in the top ten. Dream Weaver was a neat cover also. Iconic is a great word to describe that album cover. Your email address will not be published.

But so many are so lame, bodyguard hindi film songs even stuff that I like! Glad to see the original Electric Ladyland cover. Jackson Browne-Late for the Sky. That came to mind immediately.

Not one Iron Maiden album? Rock and Roll Over are the greatest cover arts of all time! Fear and Surreal apprehension in an English Country Garden. Can download entire database for free.

Cover done by Norman Rockwell. Some good covers in there but all subjective and hard to disconnect with the music the covers represent. What about including some Budgie album covers. Have a mono and a stereo copy.

Bow Wow Wow should be off. Somewhat cluttered album pages. Everything in the cover, from the sepia tone photo, to the clothes to the typography was the antithesis of the sixties aesthetic and announced a new music rooted in the past. Great Selection, with a bit of a bias for British and U.

That was my first thought too. Served its purpose no doubt in keeping a hungover intern busy for an afternoon copying and pasting images and not otherwise effing up an important sic project. You may think that software media players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.

No mention by anyone of Family! No wonder they had Questions in The House.

Just the album cover, not necessarily the vinyl. If you've got hard-to-find commercial releases, bootlegs, white label promo material, etc. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Great graphics on that one. Anyway, back to the matter in hand. What are you trying to prove? It was creativity to the nth degree, man! Who Was Mr Tambourine Man?

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Those who have chosen the list looked at books, as the themselves state. What We Like Large selection. Confusing site to navigate. There are quite a few Arguably, not to mention Questionable choices here. It is possibly the most pornographic album cover ever, but subtle enough to circulate for a long time before someone noticed and it received new censored artwork.

Just what is it that makes an album cover great? How about some love for the greatest live album ever recorded? They have some good cover better than some shown. Omission faux pas in my eyes to this list. It has really good music also.


Disturbed has some rather good album covers e. There are a couple of Yes albums too that I can think of also. If you had any serious knowledge about The Beatles and their influence on the entire world with fashion, language, music and more, you would not ask this question. One of the best covers ever!

The Argus cover stuck with me through all these years. This is not even close to of the greatest covers. These covers are awesome, we got some covers too at RobLunaMusic.

Bandolier belongs on this list. Come on no one has even said Goats Head Soup! Elvis Costello Soundtrack Album.

What about some of the Moody Blues albums? And how many other bands numbered their albums before the white album?

Some good ones did get missed as pointed out in here. Discogs is one of the largest online databases for audio. Basically no female artists and the women that appear on the covers of the albums of the male artists are all showing their tits.

Adam created some of the most iconic visuals in musical history. Scorpions fly to the rainbow. Definitely Stand Up with the woodcut popup gatefold. While everyone of these are worthy, there are so many that could be included that a top best covers list seems woefully inadequate.

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Who is the nitwit in the middle? Not one Moody Blues album cover? There were so many great covers that could replace all of these, in my opinion!


CD Covers and DVD Covers

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Drawn by cat himself and very iconic. Or how about Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division? Lists like this are always subjective!