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Image courtesy of General Motors. Malfunctions, which also occur in real-world test runs, can be triggered precisely and at any time via events.

All active sensors as well as different lighting effects created by headlights can also be modelled, contributing to a realistic visualization. These and other features help you manage automated tests efficiently and achieve optimal processes throughout every step of the development process.

It also offers a wide variety of functions to help you manage your test maneuvers. Information on the TruckMaker model environment. The event and maneuver-based testing method ensures that the necessary flexibility and realistic execution of real-world test driving are also features of virtual test driving. Test runs can be displayed from different angles simultaneously as well as through various types of lenses or via mirrors.


With the help of scripts, you can adjust the instruments according to your specific requirements. We continue to work on increasing the openness of our simulation solutions and are always aiming to make it even easier for you to incorporate virtual test driving into your individual processes.

In this way, CarMaker makes it easier to integrate subsystems into the vehicle, and facilitates early testing for smooth interactions between subsystems. For the highest possible computing power, an almost unlimited number of processes can be calculated parallel by means of cloud computing, thereby increasing efficiency to a major extent.

They can deliver detailed and reliable information regarding all the important parameters, data and models for your individual test scenario at any point during the simulation. This allows you to switch between open-loop and closed-loop testing without issue using our interactive maneuver control, and even recreate the most difficult test cases.

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Create innovative marketing concepts faster with Autodesk software. Project management software that simplifies the production management of visual assets. Using our software, you can accurately model real-world test scenarios, including the entire surrounding environment, gabber top 100 in the virtual world.

With our CarMaker tool environment, your virtual test runs are always in safe hands. With the aid of this model environment, you can build complete and realistic test scenarios with ease, taking the test run off the road and directly to your computer.

Software for inspecting complex free-form surfaces and reverse engineering of mesh data. Information on the MotorcycleMaker interfaces. For test automation, you can access all available data or models, and automatically document your results in a test report once the test has been completed. Find more information here. Looking for everything in one place?

Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing. Information on the TruckMaker model environment Information on the MotorcycleMaker model environment. Image data set courtesy of Peter Spriggs. Information on the MotorcycleMaker model environment. Then Test Manager is the ideal tool for you.

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Information on the TruckMaker interfaces. With its supported standards and the converters offered, CarMaker is also ideal as a central integration platform.


The Test Configurator also enables users with basic expertise in CarMaker to compile the necessary results for their test analyses. Do you want to perform automated tests in every phase of your development process and manage your test maneuvers efficiently? The Test Configurator facilitates the generation of parameterized test series from the catalogs, which can subsequently be conducted using the Test Manager. You can quickly and easily connect both virtual and real-world components to your virtual prototype. You benefit from the clearly structured user interface which enables you to parameterize any model for your virtual test run quickly and easily, despite the high level of detail in the models.

This way you always have an overview of your virtual test run! Depending on existing hardware and the scope of tests, you can use different variants.

Worldwide Sites You have been detected as being from. Virtual test driving is our specialty, and we are convinced that this test method can be used to master the current requirements of vehicle development. We have developed the simulation solution CarMaker specifically for testing passenger cars and light-duty vehicles. As an open integration and test platform, our product boasts unique versatility in its potential uses.

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Special actions, such as driver activities or system interventions, can be modeled intuitively in CarMaker using maneuvers. For example, the axles can be adjusted to ensure an effective analysis of your results. Read and write access to all simulation data allows you to trigger events at the push of a button, or to insert new instruments to display additional quantities. You have been detected as being from.