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Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. They arrive at their destination and the villagers speculate that Hirabai may actually be a whore. But this episode remains a masterclass in music, dance, and storytelling. Munna starts brushing up on his knowledge about Gandhi in order to impress a radio host. Both were deeply unusual in a Hindi film of the time.

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The big scene When the lovers reunite in a Pakistani courtroom after being apart for over two decades. Writer-director Vikas Bahl displays a strong flair for capturing human behaviour and peppers a simple story with lovable characters and witty lines.

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Sahibjaan soon considers herself unworthy of her husband and runs away. The big scene Aditya and Geet are stranded at a desolate railway station after missing their train and go looking for accommodation for the night. The Vivek Oberoi starrer holds well on its first Monday. Will the love that Indian Hindu Veer Khan and Pakistani Muslim Zaara Zinta feel for each other be able to overcome cross-cultural, emotional and physical borders?

He marries her without seeing her, so the shallow groom is understandably upset on his wedding night. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. The big scene A minute medley of songs from other films.

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Latest Hindi Movies Your ultimate destination to know all the whereabouts on the latest Hindi movies that are currently running at the box office. He is the fourth generation of the Kapoor family to star in Hindi movies. Your ultimate destination to know all the whereabouts on the latest Hindi movies that are currently running at the box office. My Watchlist My Rating Logout. Here is an updated list with all the information that you can find regarding the latest Hindi films.

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The big scene Rahul and Rohan reunite after several years. Although the combination of cricket and colonialism seems like a no-brainer in retrospect, at first nobody would touch this script with a bat. The big scene Devi and her gang attack a wedding party in search of recompense for the horrors she suffered in her youth. But when artistic license is exercised so beautifully, who cares?

Babli Song from Kissebaaz. It is the modern adaptation of the drama.

The big scene Kashyap shot one of the best chase sequences on film when a suspect runs from policemen in the Dharavi slum. This is cinema as love song. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources.

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The big scene The first image of Shakaal with his shiny, bald head and his punishment aquarium full of crocodiles and sharks sticks long in the memory. When Sanjay discovers this, he decides to confront her but soon falls in love.

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Rani Mukerji and Abhishek Bachchan give top-notch comic performances. The big scene A sizzling sword fight between the emperor and the princess, a woman with serious physical presence who refuses to bow her head. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

List of Hollywood Movies 2012

Want to keep a tab upon your favourite Bollywood stars, their latest Bollywood films, release dates, and showtimes? Keep yourself informed about all the latest celebrity news, movie update, upcoming films, teasers, trailers, symantec endpoint protection antivirus windows 7 songs from the world of Bollywood here. Lists of films by country or language Lists of Bollywood films by year in Indian cinema.

The brothers head towards an unavoidable face-off. The big scene Rahul and Pooja finally confess their feelings for each other in front of a large audience in a climactic scene guaranteed to bring audiences to tears. While stalking the villain, Ram also loses his heart to a chemistry professor. The big scene The epic climax, in which all the characters become part of a staging of Mahabharata, is widely considered to be the best comic scene ever shot in a Hindi film.

At least two generations of Indians will count this as the best homegrown comedy ever made, and with good reason. Vijay tries unsuccessfully to get his book of poems published and is later believed to have died in a train accident. This is a story of a well-known poet and his love.

Raj Kapoor tackles the controversial subject of widows remarrying with this stark critique of old-fashioned family and tenancy structures, all framed within a big, commercial movie. This musical romance and box-office hit explores the love lives of dancers in a musical troupe. You can also manage your settings. The big scene Sanjay is attacked by gangsters and suffers short-term amnesia.