Best way to hook up transmission cooler, how to add an automatic transmission cooler to your vehicle

Best way to hook up transmission cooler, how to add an automatic transmission cooler to your vehicle
How Transmission Coolers Work

How To Add An Automatic Transmission Cooler To Your Vehicle

Retractable Hardtops are Practically Enjoyable. Slip a hose clamp over the connection point. Choosing an Exhaust System.

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Ideally you want to mount your cooler behind the front grill of your vehicle where airflow is greatest when the vehicle is in motion. The fluid coming from the Pump or converter does not and any debris from these will certainly end up in the cooler. Mounting the new cooler after the factory radiator allows it to better cool the transmission. Not too big because you will tear the line on the inside during install.


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It only gets worse as the temperature rises. Automatic Transmission Repair Cost What is a fair price to pay for various transmission repairs? Its always a good idea to power flush a cooler or replace after a failure but is particularly important in the case of this type failure. Coil Springs in a Suspension System.

Slip the hose over the adapter fitting and secure with a hose clamp. Are Alloy Wheels a Blessing or a Curse? When the speed sensor fails the speedometer stops working and shifts may become erratic.

Transmission Cooler Installations

Excessive heat can ruin a perfectly good transmission very quickly. Get A Transmission Estimate. When the switch fails, good the engine may not crank or it may start in gear. Keeping Your Transmission Cool.

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The best cooler is one with thermostatic controls but most folks don't want to spend the money. The best way to insure your transmission does not overheat is to install an auxiliary secondary transmission oil cooler. Either way, installing an auxiliary transmission oil cooler is one of the best investments you can make in protecting your transmission from overheating and certain failure.

The installation of the auxiliary cooler should require some additional fluid to be added. Personally I would find a transmission shop familiar with turbocharged engines. No it's not a race car, it's a street car. More often than not, when a transmission overheats, it can go undetected until the trouble symptoms begin to show up.

We send an out-the-door price for a replacement remanufactured transmission shipped free to your repair shop or installer. What Transmission Do I Have? Overheating is a Transmission Killer.

  1. Changing your motor oil has never been easier with this guide.
  2. You can bypass the internal one on the radiator or just pipe it so it goes to the internal one first then to your cooler back to the trans.
  3. Should you have any questions or concerns about your Shift Select transmission, our Product Support Team is only a phone call away.
  4. Just go to Autozone and get a universal one.

How To Install a Transmission Cooler Roadkill Customs

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Common Transmission Problems and Solutions Most vehicle problems, including automatic transmission problems, reveal themselves in one way or another. Numerous other conditions, including low fluid level can also cause your transmission to overheat. From my experience and expensive brand name or a generic unit appear to do the same job. You wanna guess how much fluid they hold, dating even the small ones? If the motor is running over degrees it will actual heat up the transmission fluid to the same temperature.

Keep your transmission from overheating and your chances for transmission failure are drastically reduced. Mount it in front of the radiator. Fill out the form here to get an estimate via e-mail. Your mechanic installs your new transmission and places your old transmission core into our reusable container. Poor lubrication causes friction, which produces more heat.

If the oil flows from the disconnected cooler line, it means the oil flows out of the radiator at the other cooler line, making it the outlet. The cost is minimal and the installation is easy. Connect the cooler using the illustration below as a guide.

Avoid the ones that use a slip-on rubber hose as they are prone to leaking and eventually failing. Stacked plate type coolers are more durable and efficient, but they also are more expensive. Why risk going to an already hot rad? Thus, when your engine runs hot your transmission also runs hot.

Many of you add aftermarket coolers to your cars and this is always a good idea. Sometime this is not always possible, dating and in those rare cases the cooler can be mounted in the engine compartment or under the vehicle as space permits. The problem of transmission overheating can be resolved by installing an auxiliary transmission oil cooler.

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How To Install a Transmission Cooler

Best way to hook up transmission cooler
Installing a Transmission Cooler - Installing Transmission Coolers

Always be sure that the metal lines coming from the transmission under car do not contact the headers or exhaust. Place a catch pan under the radiator. The cooler itself is a restriction of flow and this restriction while not a problem for the cooling or lube to the trans can cause excessive pressure inside the converter.

Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler

Heat is by far the number one killer of transmissions. Subarus Simpler Name Game. So what does a No Hassle Warranty really mean? As repeated throughout this Website, excessive heat is a transmission killer. What exactly does that mean?

This would super heat the fluid when the headers got hot. You can have a local transmission shop install a transmission oil cooler in your vehicle. How to Release a Shifter Lever That is Stuck in Park Nothing is more frustrating that getting into your car and the gear shifter lever being locked in Park. This can force the converter against the flex plate more so than normal and cause wear to the engine thrust bearing. Use this guide to find out.

How To Add An Automatic Transmission Cooler To Your Vehicle
  • How to Replace a Transmission Neutral Safety Switch The neutral safety switch is a safety feature that prevents the engine from starting when the transmission or transaxle is in gear.
  • At degrees the lifespan is cut in half.
  • Every transmission shipped has been through a complete road simulation dyno test.
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