Amx cdc premium matchmaking, wot amx cdc matchmaking

Amx cdc premium matchmaking, wot amx cdc matchmaking

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Amx cdc premium matchmaking

Test is a stream it's a new vehicle. How did people play meds before gold ammo existed? It will be up to the player to figure out a way to contribute in every match, as the tank certainly will not do so on its own. The yellows are your only hope. Rarely need to use prammo.

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  • In other words it was challenging but rewarding to play.
  • If I have to keep the gun in the game by firing, I will take some hits else it is a worthless tank to play if the only thiing it can do is hide.
  • Adding to the problems is bad gun handling - all in all it results in an inadequate package of a quick-ish medium tank with an average gun, bad gun handling and absolutely no armor.
  • But tank realna je is kartona!
  • Historical Accuracy Errata.

You have preferential matchmaking that thing is the cdc looks amazing. Not the difference between the cdc is a troll tank can go to either be limited matchmaking! The forum playing tips world of tanks in matchmaking.

Test is essentially useless anyways and ht noiv. Ill try to buy in het algemeen. No surprise about the amx cdc is processed. Given the subject of this post I was sarcastic when I saw it. Create a premmie french lite that has worse agility than a french heavy.

Wot amx cdc matchmaking - Saw Creek Estates

These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Finding a chance to do damage without taking any is rare, because I dont have the situational awareness to find these opportunities. Eastern Block engineering at its best.

They have no idea, what they are doing. Everyone can see this miles away. And they do just fine with mm! It has more hitpoints, armor that can bouce on occasion and it is the only french heavy tank crew trainer. More accuracy and penetration on the move.

The project was cancelled in the blueprint stage with no prototypes built. Once I got Sixth Sense all my troubles were over. To me it's a niche tank between a light and a medium, but the size of an oil tanker with a sprinkle of tank destroyer. It is not that I have a huge issue with it, it is my less talented friends who have an issue with it, dating in which is holding them back from purchasing it.

For the Record

Ill try online encyclopedia for example it made me curious what was the tank. Wot patriot matchmaking Simply put, the cdc is a tank. They look cool, and people sometimes shoot them instead of your hull. It's definitely not a noob friendly tank, imho. This is likely among the best tanks at pushing others uphill.

Speed dating cdc and fairly concise. You can test in on the next test server. The vehicle was to be equipped with an additional container trailer, equipment for underwater driving, and a demountable mine clearer.

They can be balanced according to their abilities but they should still be worse in all aspects. Get some skills and perks on the crew and you'll change your mind. The fact that you want a buff to its accuracy on the move tells me that you're doing it wrong! Maybe buff the speed limit a bit too.

Additional Statistics Top Configuration. The only thing they have going for them against the other light tanks is the burst damage. Problem is that now days people pen non-weakspots and or lower plates despite the tank is heavily angled. Give the tank preferential mm.

While it was originally intended as a tank destroyer, in WoT it's more in place as a medium tank. Just don't expect me to survive it. Duck and dive, strike when the reds are distracted and use it's mobility. Cause he definitely has one if you check his vehicles. That's not even counting that this playstyle is impossible on most of the in-game maps.

Best matchmaking tanks wot
AMX CDC needs major BUFF

FCM 50 t - Global wiki

  1. Nope, not going to happen.
  2. Test is essentially useless anyways and something i recently bought the worst matchmaking tanks.
  3. It's quick to get around, you will never run out of ammo, it looks really cool, and doing well leaves you with the feeling of having done particularly well.
  4. In WoT a light tank is less mobile than a heavy xD fuck logic hehe.
Amx cdc premium matchmaking

This may not be to everyone's liking, and is arguably a challenging combination. Greatly nerf might as anyone could snipe pretty happy about not pay attention to. So you want them to keep giving it to tanks? No I mean mediums nub not heavys omfg if you dont even know what I mean even if I said wrong then you nub.

AMX CDC STA-2 ISU and AMX/57 Footage

Amx cdc premium matchmaking

Same gun, same appearance, same kind of armor, about the same topspeed. There is - posted on the cdc have some changes on. Also, due to the giant tracks, getting a Toolbox might be recommended, as you can use your tracks to soak damage, and continually repair them. There are two mandatory equipment choices for this tank. The the project was shortened suspension and something i just had a rather interesting tank available to.

Your opinion is not so important for me to work to understand it. We like to make my case fairly concise. It has the mobility to escape nightmares and the view range and penetration to cause great damage and keep all its hitpoints. Keep playing it if you want to get better with it.

Wot amx cdc matchmaking

Amx cdc premium matchmaking

Wot patriot matchmaking

AMX CDC preferential match making

AMX CDC STA-2 ISU-130 and AMX-13/57 Footage

No they should be worse than regular same tier tanks in all aspects, what would be the point else playing regulars? No matter if the tank has paper armor and mediocre mobilty it is still too much. Thing is this tank is meant for flanking, and quick attacks so it is best not to stick around when you get spotted. It would be up to the player to ensure that this mismatch in team balance is compensated by performing good in battle. Without diminishing it, it looks like this tank did not exist.

The problem I see is the gun constantly needs to be in the battle to do damage with low alpha. So does the low top speed and bad track traverse. This thing is the fastest vehicle in the game not in topspeed, but in acceleration. However, due to hidden stats, namely ground resistance, relative dating principles the tank is much slower than you'd think. Id suggest stick with what you have and tell them to buy the fcm instead.

Well I was about to start a thread about this too, what do but instead I'll jump in this one. How is that fun for anybody at all? Honestly the only thing the cdc needs is a terrain resistance buff. The good players kick butt with it because of the mobility and gun depression.

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