Amx 40 scout matchmaking, amx 40 - global wiki

Amx 40 scout matchmaking, amx 40 - global wiki
Amx 40 scout matchmaking
  1. Like all low tier French tanks, it suffers from poor speed and maneuverability.
  2. Seems to be simply the better tank.
  3. The opposite of Active Scouting.
  4. Magazines are positioned in the turret for immediate use.
  5. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.
  6. Your armor is worthless and your gun even more so.

This is the time to break out the gold once more. However, please be aware that this can lead to sloppy shooting, especially with Autoloaders. The lower frontal glacis even with additional angles remains a weak spot with small amounts of angling. Situation can dictate, especially if you do not use that location again for several moments and were spotted in a different area.

Mid game is where scout tanks should really start to shine. Add to that the exceptional crew training abilities and I frankly see no need to change the tank. As some missions require the use of a camo net or binocs to be used to complete the secondary mission, just for those missions I would drop the Rammer or Vents.

Scouting Where to Start - Strategies - WoTLabs Forum

Late game, with a mostly full-health Scout Tank, you should be the most feared tank in the game regardless of match-making. This is useful in City maps, where a scout can tuck in near a corner, and detect tanks without needing to expose themselves. Typically when you had those scouts on either side as top tier, they were the only top tiers and everything else was a tier below matchmaking weight wise. Matchmaking and its Implications.

Amx 40 scout matchmaking

It sees exactly the same opponents, matchmaking did not change one bit. As I become more familiar with a tank and its ability, my consumables set-up will also change. Be willing to experiment with whatever works for your tanks and your ability to make credits.

Perhaps no other class in the game of World Of Tanks causes players as much frustration as playing Scout Tanks. The turret armor remains difficult to deal with from the side since the angles vary across the turret and can cause shells to continually bounce off. With the map changes, this thinking of equipment use needs to be changed.

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No wonder it has a better gun. This will negate the slow speed, poor gun and enable it to utilize its light tank buff. One of the most futuristic tanks of its time, russia dating agency with unique thick and rounded armour. Both occupants sat on a swivelled strap with the turret gunner on the left and the commander on the right.

Amx 40 scout matchmaking

While I agree current platoon limitations are sometimes frustrating, the benefits of not having fail-platoons outweigh them all. Relatively unmaneuverable light tanks and fast medium tanks with good view range are considered ideal passive scouts. Improved Equipment thread.

The clip potential in combination with good view range and camo values makes it a very effective tank. Whatever is the best tier is the one it should end up in. Conserve your hit points as strongly as possible this stage of the battle!

Historical Accuracy Errata. In game, it plays more like a heavy medium or heavy tank. Very good camo value, very low view range.

World of Tanks Weak Spots Tank Guides and Tips

While continuing your mission of vision control or denial, you should now look for opportunities to break a flank or destroy isolated tanks. The stock suspension is completely maxed out, free online singles dating so researching the upgraded suspension first is a must. As far as extracting data you need a specific program to look in the game files. Try to avoid high-tier tanks unless you can flank them to get a shot at their weaker side and rear armor.

Use at your own risk, but certainly learn how to use it. No slot vision seems to have been planned. In the end the tier doesn't matter that much. The gun may be the best single-shot scout gun of the tier, but the lack of a clip means that I drive it very differently.

Sources and External Links. This also works very often near a ridge line, where a scout can quickly run up near the ledge, without needing to expose themselves completely. The small section that sticks out of the top hatch on the turret is difficult to hit at a distance but technically is weaker than the rest of the armor.

At this tier, the low speed is what will kill you. In my opinion, having meters view range at all times outweighs the benefits of meter view range when sitting still. This will require much more foresight and planning. Combined with a Sixth-Sense skill, it can warn allies of incoming armor, and allow them to respond.

Amx 40 scout matchmaking

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The end game scout tank is the ultimate vulture, picking clean the bones of the enemy tanks. Peeking over a small hill or ridge on many maps is active scouting even if only for a very short moment. Depending on the teams, maps, position in the list, and the availability of equipment, modules, you can choose from a variety of tactics. The gun has very similar values, ie.

Waiting for crew retraining to be half off, and you will then be able to easily re-skill a crew for no crew experience losses. However, not all players are able to use nor want to spend in-game gold for crew retraining. Active scouting is very aggressive in nature, where the scout has to keep moving. The hull The driver was centrally located in the front, with the dashboard is in the center of the steering wheel driving, such as how the Leclerc has not innovated on that. Do not show this dialog again.

Amx 40 scout matchmaking

The ability to train camouflage as a skill improves the tanks ability to go undetected without a camouflage net. Specific armor values can be found on the picture above. Angling and wiggling your tank will improve your chance to bounce shots and throw enemies off. It's just a matter of having a Lycan on the reds. There is almost no straight angled part on the hull and turret which gives it good shot deflection abilities.

You deny by proximity and presence, rather than utilizing your view range. The goal here is to try and keep the enemy spotted long enough for allies to hit them. However, the Chinese Scout tanks will catch fire with seemingly regularity in my experience, so I tend to stick with the Auto Extinguisher. Preserving your health is still vital here.

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  • The gun is bad, but it's literally the fastest tank in the game, and that has to be balanced somehow.
  • Visibility was to be provided by a panoramic periscope on top of the turret.
  • Nonetheless, while it's far from an insight to future French light tanks, it's a pretty good platform to practice the traditional methods of driving heavy armored tanks.
  • This often meant that using a camo net and binoculars were acceptable for the majority of scout tank players.

AMX 40 - Global wiki

Amx 40 scout matchmaking
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