All county hook up towing inc, island park ny united states

All county hook up towing inc, island park ny united states

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The police officer came out but was scared and intimidated by the tow guys and told me that he could not do anything. Like all other reviewers, interracial dating black the same happened to us this weekend while visiting Houston. The driver was very nice and everything went smoothly. The driver was prompt and polite. They are complete douches and low lives.

Island Park NY United States

  • And for me to get into his car and he would take me.
  • He threatened and bullied us.
  • Multiple flatbed tow trucks available for your classic vehicle.
  1. Time for the classic car cruises, meets and shows again so make sure your sweet old ride is roadworthy after setting this winter.
  2. She brought my niece in and went back out to find no car.
  3. The restaurant said that they did not call the two company.
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All County Hookup Towing
All County Hookup Towing

We can help you out and unlock your car. He didn't care and continued to yell and try to intimidate me. Stay cool out there this weekend as it's gonna be a hot one. Spring is once again here and so is some warmer weather.

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They continued to try to intimidate me and my friend until a gentleman stopped to help me.

Terrible human beings more. The two company told the police officer that the manager of the other restaurant Theos had called them out to tow me. What a sneaky business and how dishonest and mean to make money behind the back of people who just parked there car. We are automotive enthusiasts too and will take great care of your vehicle. These guys are courteous professionals!

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The parkingvalet on the parking and Mister Navarre the owner of the company let me park my car and did no say anything. Left your keys in the ignition? The dispatcher was very helpful and nice.

This company is ruthless and will do anything to intimidate for money! The owner actually came to jump start me and when it was clear I would need a tow, sugar daddy dating for free he set up a tow for me and did not charge for the jump. The tow was definitely reasonably priced. He claimed that the card machine was broken and that it had to be cash.

Hook it up towing is a bunch of hungry ass wrecker drivers just looking for any loop hole to tow anybody. It can be a bit scary on the side of the road at night so it was a relief to have a towing company that cares just as much about the customer as they do for getting the job done right. Living in Vancouver for four years I had yet to find a towing company I trusted, until these guys helped me out! They said no parking in front of apartments but it was just to get a handicap girl out of the car.

All County Hook Up Towing Inc

My aunt parked in front of my apartment to get my niece out the car since she is in a wheel chair. As I was paying them, best pc they then towed that gentlemans car as well. This pissed the tow company off even more. The holiday season is here with us again.

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All County Hook Up Towing Inc

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All County Hook Up Towing Inc

All County Hookup Towing

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